About Us

 Community Issues Council – Terry Kemple (President)

 Community Issues Council was birthed out of a battle with the sex industry in Valrico, Florida in 2005. This industry is still a major concern for the CIC family in Tampa Bay.

As our Mission Statement says, CIC is called to “promote and protect Judeo-Christian values.” We do this in a variety of ways, with the primary focus being to educate and unite the Church so that the Body of Christ is able to engage our community in the issues of the day.

CIC’s efforts are focused in 6 primary areas:

  1. Standing up for religious liberty

  2. Defending the sanctity of life.

  3. Protecting the traditional family.

  4. Shielding our children from indoctrination in the public schools.

  5. Resisting the proliferation of the sex industry.

  6. Pushing back  against the growth of the gambling industry.

 CIC’s primary method of operation is conducting small local gatherings of Pastors and other Christian leaders. At the meetings issues that could have an impact on our ability to live out our Christian faith are discussed and strategies to have an impact on the issues are developed.

Focusing on bringing together groups of Pastors and other community leaders immediately multiplies the effect of our efforts as the Pastors take the strategies to their congregations for follow up action.