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Our Mission:

To promote Judeo-Christian values by educating and uniting the Church to be able to engage our community in the issues of the day.


Areas of Focus

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Religious Liberty

Sanctity of Life

Traditional Family

Gambling Expansion

Indoctrination in Public Schools 

Sex Industry

Other Areas To Which God Leads


Upcoming Lunches & Speaking Engagements      

 Sept 12  - Plant City - Sally Harris. Sally is a great friend of CIC. As former School Board Chair. Sally worked hand-in-hand with me to Protect Our Children from the indoctrination that’s prevalent in our schools. She will have an exciting announcement at our meeting.

We have the opportunity this Thursday, September 12, 2019 to meet with Sally Harris, former School Board Chair and current Candidate for one of the at-large county-wide seats on the School Board.

Ours will be the first public meeting where Sally will be announcing her candidacy.

She was instrumental in our battle to keep boys out of the girls' restrooms and showers. She has been helpful in reining in teachers who want to push the homosexual agenda in our schools. You'll want to hear about the threat posed by the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, sex-ed curriculum that's trying to be pushed into our classrooms. With the current assault on our children's values regarding sexuality, we need people on the School Board who will advocate for them! You can hear Sally speak about her values on the 1 minute "Imagine" video at this link. The lunch will be held at Plant City Church of God, 2103 Mud Lake Road, Plant City. Lunch starts at noon and Sally will speak at 12:30. I'll be bringing some delicious Cuban food from La Cubanita Restaurant in Brandon. As always, donations are requested but not required.
Please RSVP for the lunch so that we'll be sure to have enough food.

Sept 17, 2019 - Tuesday - Ruskin - School Board Member Stacy Hahn

Oct 3, 2019 Thursday - Brandon - Melissa Snively. Melissa Snively has been an ally of CIC and for Hillsborough families since being elected in 2014. We’ve worked together successfully on a number of important project and continue to stand up for traditional family values. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with her. You’ll want to hear how the 1/2 cent sales tax is being used and other important issues.

 Oct 17, 2019 Tuesday - Ruskin - Stacy White. Commissioner Stacy White is without question the most conservative member of the Hillsborough County Commission. He has challenged the boondoggle Transportation Tax and has stood on the side of residents of the unincorrporated county. He is trying to keep us from being financially soaked and forced to benefit downtown interests with the illegitimate taxes we’ll be forced to pay if this lawsuit loses.

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We need leaders to sponsor meetings and invite like-minded people to attend.  We will present current issues and results we have had on past issues.  We will also seek elected officials to speak your desires and group size.  Please email your desires and we will work with your group and possibly provide you a page on this website to post your programs and meeting times.

Volunteer opportunities

There are many opportunities to serve our community.

Sponsor meetings. - Attend County Commissioners and School Board meetings.  - Speak and/or report undesirable plans or activities. - Attend established CIC meeting. - Administrative Support. - Allow us to present our program to your established meeting.

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It’s the faithful encouragement of friends and sponsors like you that enable CIC to have a positive impact on our community. CIC is a registered non-profit and all money is used to cover expenses for CIC operations.  We can receive your donations over the internet through our secure donation system. Or by email CIC for a mailing address.

School System

District 1  Steve Cona -  (813) 272-4052  Email:

District 2  Stacy Hahn - (813) 272-4045 Email:

District 3  Cindy Stuart - (813) 272-4052 Email:

District 4  Melissa Snively, Vice Chair – (813) 272-4618 Email:

District 5    Tamara P. Shamburger, Chair - (813) 272-4053  Email:

District 6   Karen Perez - Phone: (813) 272-4045  Email:

District 7  Lynn L. Gray - (813) 272-4618   Email:

Schools By Board District

All volunteers and community partners must complete or reactivate the online Volunteer Application each school year. This includes Level 2, fingerprinted volunteers. New applications for current school year become available on July 1, the start of the new school year.  Please call (813) 231-1870 if you have any questions regarding volunteer opportunities. {LINK}


Mr Terry Kemple is President & Founder of Community Issues Council. He is a conservative Christian activist. Working issues since 1995 and has advocated locally from a Christian Worldview for the Sanctity of Life, Religious Liberty, Traditional Family, parents' rights, and children's education. His opinion is regularly sought out by people in the community and by local media. He ready to speak at your Church, club or any other meeting. [LINK]

CTN Published on Aug 28, 2018

Homekeepers - Terry Kemple and Melissa Snively

Hosted by Arthelene Rippy Guests: Terry K Recipes on Pinterest This program is produced by Arthelene Rippy for CTN. Show number: HK 3426 HD CC Aired 8-28-18 Please visit our website: View more shows at CTN YouTube channel: Christian Television Network produced and recorded this program in Clearwater, Florida.

County Commissioners

 District 1    Sandra Murman    813-272-5470                                                    

District 2    Ken Hagan               813-272-5452                                    

District 3    Les Miller, Jr.           813-272-5720      Chairman           

District 4    Stacy White             813-272-5740      Chaplain                      

District 5    Mariella Smith        813-272-5725                              

District 6    Pat Kemp                  813-272-5730      Vice-Chair                      

District 7    Kim Overman          813-272-5735                  

Email:  _commissioner?field51883190=1                                     

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