Indoctrination in Public Schools

Young people are either leading the way today or will be tomorrow. Most of them spend a significant portion of their waking hours in school. They generally look up to their teachers and accept the things they’re taught as being factual and accurate.

Most students don’t discuss with their parents what they’re being taught so parents aren’t always aware of the volumes of indoctrination their children face every day. Some of the indoctrination is subliminal and some is overt.

For instance, evolution is the standard for Science curriculum in the state of Florida. That means that our kids are being indoctrinated at every grade level to believe that man is on the planet due to chance and “natural selection”. Teachers who dare to mention that there are other theories about the origin of life can be subjected to discipline, even if they don’t mention anything about the other theories.

Sex education curriculum is being introduced to 8th grade students that is pro-abortion and advocates for the homosexual lifestyle.

In many of their texts, in all subjects, opportunities are taken to denigrate free-market capitalism and applaud socialistic doctrine.

Their studies are rife with “History” that is anti-Christian and pro-Islam.

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